Thursday, 6 August 2009

2009 International Birdfair, Rutland Water

It's almost Birdfair time again and as usual we are both running around trying to get paintings, frames and printing finished! I will be taking along a really nice selection of work this year, though I might find it hard to top the Gannets, which sold on the first day and attracted plenty of admirers.
Amongst them is this painting of two young peregrines about to leave the nest which is one of my favourites. I really enjoyed painting this, particularly the play of light on the warm rock of the quarry. it's a special piece.
I'll also have another gannet painting, though this one is a little more risque (!) - you will have to come to the fair or visit my website to see why!
There's also a lovely swallow, teal, gadwall and I may even have space for a couple of fish pieces.
The Birdfair runs from Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd August.


Francisco J. Hernández said...

Absolute beautifull picture. I know your web and yours underwater pictures. Superb !. Congratulations,


Anonymous said...

Amazing work! I love your carps and trout paintings and I know what you mean about your first Pike, been there done that!